The Aether

Nothing is true, nothing is as it seems


My name is Kirkland Wilson and this is my webcomic, The Aether. I'm a graduate student IRL so this is purely a side-project for me, albeit one that takes up a good chunk of my free time. That being said I will strive to update regularly and as scheduled.

If you like the comic and want to provide support for art supplies, and my overall survival, there will be a few ways to do so: After completion of a book, that book will be available for purchase, either a physical or digital copy, with full color pages, commentary, sketches, fan art, and tons of other extra goodies to thank you for your support. I'm also thinking of setting up a Patreon and maybe giving away physical versions of the pages in the book to donors but that is TBD. Anyway, after each book is complete on the site I may be taking a short break, likely a week or two to compile the book itself, it depends on how much of a buffer I've built up. To hold you guys over I might post excerts from short stories that never made it past the idea stage, or something, who knows.

If you need to contact me, the best way is to leave a comment. If you want to send me fan art, etc. my email is

See you in the Aether!