The Aether

Nothing is true, nothing is as it seems

Welcome to the Aether, a world separate, but inexplicably linked, to our own.Pierce the Veil and see what is hidden. The Aether is a story about four families in a constant struggle for control of Monland City. Each family has access to a world that grants them supernatural powers as they fight to be the ruling family and the victors in the Aether War.

Updated on Sundays.

*This comic aims to depict real behaviors, in extraordinary situations, and current societal norms, including cursing, sex (mainly in the form of bootstrap scenes), and drug use as appropriate.While I do not plan for these to be in excess they are all a part of life and as such have a place, as appropriate for the story.

*Warning* This page updates with the comic and contains spoilers

The Story thus far:

Monland City is a city at war, but only a select few know about this hidden war. Michael Jones is about to enter into a world he never dreamed of...

Mike met with his grandfather, the elder of the Rock Clan, and his father, the Magi of the Rock Clan. He was told he was to be the next apprentice of the Rock Clan, but first he had to put on the Clan ring and travel to the Aether. Once there he met Evun, the Greater Aether Beast...